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people under the influence of programmation think they do good, but… - el camino [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 13th, 2011|03:44 pm]
people under the influence of programmation think they do good,
but how can they know the deeper good.
good is what they have been taught to be good,
good is on program,
and you are still (in) the hands of the machine.

the role you play was already written in their scheme,
you were the perfect candidate,
you have been led there
with (dis)information, culpabilization,
because they know human nature,
they have been studying it for millions of years.

and what have we been taught about being human?
have we been taught how to breathe?
how to use our brains properly?
how to think for ourself, above the influence,
how to free our minds?
have we been taught how to love?

mostly we've been taught how to fear.
how to be slaves. how to sit. how to work. how to obey under the menace.
how to disobey under the menace. how to revolt. how to be mad, how to be against them so they can arrest us, so we can be an example of what they do to those that rebel... to instill fear upon the rest, to keep them working.

we are slaves, are we not?
is this apocalypse?
when people realize this, wake up,
when of course they don't accept this...
and then realize that they are not the ones in possession
of more than enough bombs to destroy all life on earth...

i am one in a million,
i stand here by your side,
i don't see anything that we can do...
only continue to keep our eyes open
work for self realization
and consciousness
and what,

[User Picture]From: titelyd
2011-12-14 12:46 am (UTC)
Help them understand... Make that statement part of your self realization. If you're always criticizing others, it means that you, also, still have long to go.

A baby doesn't know how to talk when they enter this world. Someone had to show them. Be a teacher for those who don't understand yet.
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[User Picture]From: earthbeats
2011-12-22 04:27 pm (UTC)
i don't criticize other than who i am. i look for more consciousness. it means to have a critical mind. eyes open. more truth.

also i see who i was, what i used to believe, and others still in the same fog. and i would like to develop endless compassion for who i was, and for them. because it is the path. that is where we all are.
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