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the things that make me furious and i cannot speak the level of… - el camino [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Apr. 22nd, 2012|06:51 pm]
the things that make me furious
and i cannot speak

the level of hypocrisy,
the level of self-congratulation,
the level of self, self...

can we be selfless, nameless,
one world, one love, no heroes

so i run away from what they have turned this up to be,
the biggest catch for insecure ego to be flattered,
while they dare using words such as prychedelic and trance.
and... do i trust it will come down?

exert patience,
it is to the image of everything we have seen up to here
ignorance put forward.

their world is repulsive and vampiric,
i feel they are sucking out life force, sucking out potential,
to serve their somber thirst.
but it's not so much against them that i revolt,
but the people ignorant enough to not see what is going on,
the people, blind from admiration of heroes
that they want to be like them to be admired too,
the only way they think they'll find energy.

it's all power struggle, all i see
i look to escape this,
connect to the source, directly,
so the sickness of needing heroes, or needing to be one
simply disappears
and we can be one again.