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(no subject) [Sep. 27th, 2011|11:26 am]
le piege de pratiquer une magie ouvertement dans le domaine des rassemblements est dans la nature humaine de vouloir tout copier, sans chercher a comprendre en profondeur les raisons pour lesquelles les choses sont faites.

quand la magie demeure sous-jacente, il n'y a pas de prétention. pretention qui vient du mot 'pretendre'... faire semblant...

il peut devenir dangereux quand ceux qui font semblant s'affichent comme des meneurs et se permettent leur interpretation... leur vision... alors tout le mouvement perd son authenticité... c'est la mort de l'âme...
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(no subject) [Sep. 23rd, 2011|01:29 pm]
[music |adda, synthax & moontales - simple]

the trancefloor and the interactions around it are an interesting field to study human nature. it is not from the parties that i get sick, but rather from human nature.

all that is play on the ego is a phenomen of entities. it is what we project on other people and what they project onto us, the game of suggestion, telepathy, and mirrors. it is possible to make someone feel really bad or really good with entities.. but also we know it is all illusion, it is the game we play.

to establish good energy in a party, we need to be aware of the existence of the entities and projections that people do on each other. making the magik is playing with the people, placing them in a situation where they can surrender, let go, where thay can just exist and they don't need to feed on other people's energies with the entities that they project... that we project...

i include myself in this. what is my interaction with people on the dancefloor, and in life? what is the image i project on other people? how do they reflect this energy? what do i need from them in order to feel good? what happens if i don't get it? how can i ask the right question? what is the right question?

i seek consciousness... to be continued ;)


entities are creatures of habit. they are neuronal pathways that we strenghten every time we exercise them. what else....

as conscious people, we can consciously play with entities. i wonder if consciousness is given only to those with the wisdom to use it... because in bad intentionned hands, it could cause much harm. then again, most of the time bad intentions come from unconsciousness..... hmm.

so, consciously playing with entities in making... a party. where we encourage people to see who they are, how they act, to discover their mechanisms, to make them also reach/seek consciousness.......


what do we pretend we are? how much energy goes into this pretention?
what do the external sources want us to think we are? what benefit do they gain from it?
what are we, really?

((( experience the resistance )))
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(no subject) [Sep. 18th, 2011|06:16 am]
je crois que c'est possible et j'ai un plan. pas précis. mais une direction générale.
don't stop til we get there.
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(no subject) [Sep. 13th, 2011|12:09 pm]
why i feel i don't belong,
i never want to belong
belong is a trap...

i want to live something more intense
than your typical night out, board games, apple picking
i want to see you, and you, and all of us
enjoying the highest spheres of pleasure

in videos i see
girls together, tripping
in the most sexual aspect of tripping

why don't we do it?
us, who take the most psychedelic, the most mind-opening drugs,
why don't we explore each other?
why don't we explore together
the most potent drug of all drugs?


i don't know how to tell them,
i don't want to make them go away,
i'm running out of subtlety,
i know i can't be hardcoming,
but if the time is now, all these images in my head,
how can they come true?
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(no subject) [Sep. 13th, 2011|08:44 am]
this world needs a tsunami,
this world needs to fuck and fuck and fuck
until the walls are destroyed by the light
until it rises in a torrent of pleasure

this world needs to be united,
meltdown, colored, energized
this world needs to forget what it is

destroy the chains, destroy the bullets
of perfidious education, of powerlessness,
of pre-established roles and destiny
of addictions, patterns, neuronal pathways
and give us the power to be what we are
self-recognition, endless love, whole, entire
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(no subject) [Aug. 26th, 2011|01:01 pm]
7 year cycles.

'like you but like me'
meant seeing so much light
but also so much darkness

is this consciousness?
is this what i saw?
what attracted me?
it's not easy...

take the red pill.......

now learning,
letting go.
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(no subject) [Aug. 4th, 2011|03:50 pm]
je veux te voir immortelle, immonde
cracher des larmes de feu,
pietiner le commun, le convenu
je veux te voir en feu, en fleur
comme un phoenix, brillant de mille couleurs

ou te caches-tu, immortelle immonde?
poussons la porte du jardin,
creons une fissure dans le mur de briques...
nos jeux peuvent rester secret,
a l'abri, au soleil,
dans une dimention parralele...

je veux partager avec toi
un secret grand comme le monde
une joie des plus profondes
complice, soeur de jouissance
les attaches a d'autres port,
nous devons lever l'ancre
et naviguer a travers les nebuleuses,
a travers les textures de l'illusion
creusons ce passage, ce tunnel intemporel
qui relie tous les etres de lumiere.

qui es-tu?
we are opening...
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(no subject) [Aug. 4th, 2011|11:07 am]
there is this thing that holds on
it fears change...

it is anorexia,
it is my nervous system,
it is the part of me that wants to be unique,
the part of me that 'needs' to be recognized, remarqued
it is what holds me down

the wall.......
we built it stone by stone
so that the river could not flow.

we feared death of our own ego.

this thing holds on
to every surface, to every muscle it can,
the inner child,
peter pan.

i know the mechanisms now,
i know them deeper every day,
i love what is on the other side,

the divine explosion
breaking down the wall...
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(no subject) [Jul. 2nd, 2011|08:34 pm]
need i be more electric?
all this effort for not much,
where are the real people?
the people i dream of,
maybe we are not ready?
maybe, maybe...
maybe we need to live what we claim
within our group,
maybe we need to be more true.

but i am so scared of sharing
the dreams i have had
like exposing the truth of my unconscious

are we all dreaming the same dreams?


i have no money and no place to live
but i have a strong will to celebrate
do you want to dance with me?
do you want to connect with us
our minds expanded like bubble gum
energies fusionning
into this white pulsing dot
of love for life...


dance or sex
sex or dance
two sides of the same coin
the more the merrier
party with us!
we can learn to push our limits
and enjoy more, and open our minds
psyche delic

i want to meet your tigers and your lions
and i want you to meet mine
i want our shells to crack
open, open, open...
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(no subject) [Jun. 14th, 2011|10:53 am]
je vous sens comme des cordes de guitare
vous faites des sons, prets a exploser
a rompre...

release the tention..

personne n'est a l'abri
avec vos echafaudages de positions,
d'opinions, de prejuges complexes
vous n'etes pas plus a l'abri...
le moment present est si puissant
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